OCP Question 13, Explanation


public final class WordPress {
    public void login() {}
}piblic class Post {
    public final void write(int words, int pix) {}
    public void uploadMedia() {}
piblic class FrontPage {
    private Post p = new Post();
    private final String subj = "OCA & OCP Prep Tools";
    public void compose(){ p.write(1200, 2); }
piblic class StickyPost extends Post {
    public void write(int numberOfWords, int numberOfPix) {}
    public void publish() {}


Which statement is true?

A. A compilation error occurs in WordPress.
B. A compilation error occurs in Post.
C. A compilation error occurs in FrontPage.
D. A compilation error occurs in StickyPost.
E. All classes compile successfully.

The correct answer is D.

The write() method in Post is final and cannot be overridden.

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