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  • NOTICE to all users

    Instead of writing a full-scale prep guide on 1Z0-809, I decided to build this online course first, one practice question at a time. It'll probably take me a few months. As long as the course is under construction, anyone can access it and play with all those tests. Keep in mind that you'll be needing a free user account on this site. If you don't want to register, you still can view those questions and explanations to them in a blog format here.

    The practice questions mimic the real exam's questions as much as ever possible: they fully retain their structure, target exactly same Exam Objective and feature same traps. However, the custom class names, identifiers and literals are all different; this will force the user to analyze code instead of simply memorizing correct answers.

    The course is actually meant for the readers of my OCA prep guide, Nailing 1Z0-808, who plan to take the OCP exam. If you aren't familiar with that book, at least take a look at the list of abbreviations that I'm using when discussing solutions to the practice questions. You can find this list in the Free Sample or at the beginning of any presentation in the OCA Demo Course.

    • Flashcards

      These are simple quizzes that usually contain little or no code, and which are used as a warming-up before hitting the real Practice Questions.


      • The Flashcard Quizzes are NOT graded.
      • Unlike Practice Questions, which test random exam objectives, flashcards are grouped around common subjects.
    • Practice Questions

      These four tests are fully operational and cover all Exam Objectives. Each test should be finished within 45 minutes (yes, including Review).

      Explanations, hints, tips, mnemonic formulas, etc. are already in place. Feedback will be greatly appreciated.